Link social identity to user

POST /api/users/{userId}/identities

Link authenticated user identity from a social platform to a Logto user.

The usage of this API is usually coupled with POST /connectors/:connectorId/authorization-uri. With the help of these pair of APIs, you can implement a user profile page with the link social account feature in your application.

Note: Currently due to technical limitations, this API does not support the following connectors that rely on Logto interaction session: @logto/connector-apple, @logto/connector-saml, @logto/connector-oidc and @logto/connector-oauth.

Path parameters

  • userId string Required

    The unique identifier of the user.


Body Required

  • connectorId string Required

    The Logto connector ID.

  • connectorData object Required

    A json object constructed from the url query params returned by the social platform. Typically it contains code, state and redirectUri fields.

    Hide connectorData attributes Show connectorData attributes


POST /api/users/{userId}/identities
curl \
 -X POST https://[tenant_id]{userId}/identities \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"connectorId":"string","connectorData":{"key":null}}'
Request examples
  "connectorId": "string",
  "connectorData": {
    "key": null
Response examples (200)
  "userId": "string",
  "details": {}