Assign roles to organization user members

POST /api/organizations/{id}/users/roles

Assign roles to user members of the specified organization with the given data.

Path parameters

  • id string Required

    The unique identifier of the organization.


Body Required

  • userIds array[string] Required

    An array of user IDs to assign roles.

    Minimum length of each is 1.

  • organizationRoleIds array[string] Required

    An array of organization role IDs to assign. User existed roles assignment will be ignored.

    Minimum length of each is 1.


  • 201

    Roles were assigned to organization users successfully.

  • 400

    Bad Request

  • 401


  • 403


  • 422

    At least one of the IDs provided is not valid. For example, the organization ID, user ID, or organization role ID does not exist; the user is not a member of the organization.

POST /api/organizations/{id}/users/roles
curl \
 -X POST https://[tenant_id]{id}/users/roles \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"userIds":["string"],"organizationRoleIds":["string"]}'
Request example
  "userIds": [
  "organizationRoleIds": [