Delete OIDC key

DELETE /api/configs/oidc/{keyType}/{keyId}

Delete an OIDC signing key by key type and key ID.

Path parameters

  • keyType string Required

    Private keys are used to sign OIDC JWTs. Cookie keys are used to sign OIDC cookies. For clients, they do not need to know private keys to verify OIDC JWTs; they can use public keys from the JWKS endpoint instead.

    Values are private-keys or cookie-keys.

  • keyId string Required

    The unique identifier of the key.


  • 204

    The key was deleted successfully.

  • 400

    Bad Request

  • 401


  • 403


  • 404

    The key was not found.

  • 422

    At least one key must be kept.

DELETE /api/configs/oidc/{keyType}/{keyId}
curl \
 -X DELETE https://[tenant_id]{keyType}/{keyId}